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Writing, editing and marketing services

Words, sentences, paragraphs, etc.

Writing can be a tricky business (as any writer will tell you). Not just putting the right words in the right order — which can be a big enough challenge at times — but, especially if you're a freelance copywriter, finding the appropriate style and tone to suit a wide range of purposes. Yet whether you're promoting a service, selling a product, or trying to save the world, the best writing always tells a compelling story, and does so in a way that engages the reader without treating him or her as a passive consumer to be sold a bill of goods. At least, that's the way we try to do things. We hope you'll get in touch to find out what we can do to help you share your message with the world.


What we do


Whether you're a global retailer or a newly hatched startup, we excel in providing persuasive, reader-friendly copy that doesn't insult your audience's intelligence. If you're selling miracles, we're probably not the right company for you.


If you still use ink and paper to publicize or explain your products or services, we can ensure that the text is clear, engaging and error-free. Whether you need copy for a brochure, manual, postcard, or other pulp-based item, we're here to help.


We have a solid track record helping authors polish their writing and prepare their manuscripts for publication. While we specialize in nonfiction, we've been known to work on everything from cookbooks to young adult fantasy adventure.


Dying, as they say, is easy; comedy is hard. We think we're pretty damn funny, but of course this is a notoriously subjective area. There are samples on the site. Make up your own mind and proceed accordingly.


We offer help with press releases, proposals, reports, email campaigns and other written materials to promote your business. We also know our way around SEO and frequently have good ideas about branding.


With professional credits in nonfiction screenwriting and extensive experience in narrative form, we can produce scripts for any purpose, from explainer videos to interstitial material for Australian 60s cover bands (really).

What we've done


work image
Bata Shoe Co. Website | Branding
work image
Blue Legacy Website | Branding
work image
Classical Composers Poster Website | Branding
work image
We Got the Water Book
work image
This. Only This. Book
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Dragon Inside Website | Branding
work image
Surfcam Mobile App
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Tamara Eaton Design Print
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Fancy Pear Design Website | Branding
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Appointment-Plus Website | Bio
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Bata Shoe Co. Speechwriting | Website

What they say about us

"We really loved working with Jon. He was professional, timely and really worked with us to get the tone and feel of the copy just right. We'll definitely come back for more!"
Alexandra Cousteau
Environmental Advocate
"Jon was amazing to work with. He was able to take a very lengthy manuscript and, in a short amount of time, clean it up and clarify many thorny concepts... Detail-oriented, accommodating, knowledgeable and flexible — I would highly recommend him!"
Michael Brooks
Author, "This. Only This."
"Not only did my content get properly edited, but Jon made some suggestions that allowed me to make important changes to my site before it went live, which will definitely improve the visitor's experience."
Dr. Jeff Feinman
Owner, Home Vet
"A very clear and sophisticated writing style. This was just the voice I was looking for to represent my website. Thanks again!"
Luanna Gary
‎Owner, ECOsmarte Systems
"I very much appreciated working with Jon. He was able to help craft the exact wording necessary and strip out my often superfluous word choices to keep the messaging tight and focused. I have started using him for all of my copy needs and I highly recommend him."
Steven Martin
Founder, MedCo Media
"Jon was fantastic. He crafted and honed my bio and artist statement to perfection. Very personable and easy to work with. Thank you!"
Amy C. Sanders
‎Owner, Raine Studios
Blue Legacy
Fancy Pear
Acme Filmworks
Old School Labs